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This is some of the coolest advice I've seen in ages. I work with a lot of non-conformists. I call them 'squiggly brained' people. People that don't think in the straight lines that a lot of more conforming people do. (Artists/creatives are often amongst them.) and 9/10 a variation of imposter syndrome aka fear usually shows up in my first session with them. I even get this myself as a 'squiggly brained' person. I love the blocking out of a whole day, just put aside and to share this with loved ones so they too can help me keep that time safe for me as I change my patterns of behaviour.

But what is even more interesting is number four 'manageable consistency' to help with overwhelm and anxiety. Earlier this year, I decided to ensure I always am moving my latest projects forward (I'm launching a new online art gallery and I have never been in the art world in this way before - fear kept creeping in) I decided on a ploy. I just need to complete one significant thing on my to do list every day to feel like I'm moving things forward. And that, as you say, can be as simple as emailing an artist I want involved, or contacting the guy helping me build the website. Anything that brings me a step closer.

Loved this post so much. It could not have come at a better time. 😊

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Great advice from Beth. One thing I've always found is that getting the ball rolling isn't that difficult, but maintaining it is. Writing that initial email asking for a meeting, soliciting collaborators, isn't all that hard. It's when they say yes that the problems arise. Then you have to really commit and follow through, and sometimes you have to stay really persistent and hold yourself to the commitment and try to keep everyone else on board as well. José, it sounds like you have developed the skills to manage a lot of people and tasks to make a one off production happen, which means you don't have to start from scratch each time. I hope you can keep pushing that ball up the hill. And if you can do it in Pittsburgh, that's even more impressive, because the hills there are really steep. I'm coming home to Pittsburgh for the summer, I hope I can see one of José's new theater productions when I'm there.

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